Journal: July, 2006

Nadi, Fiji

Wednesday 26 July 2006

I arrived this morning at Nadi International Airport at roughly 2 am. Spent the rest of the night on one of the lounges in the arrival hall and then got a free shuttle bus to the Marina in Nadi where I hoped to find a crewing position on a private yacht. No sailing yachts to […]

bush bed in Brisbane

Sunday 23 July 2006

Around me dense bushes, mozzies constantly attacking my typing hands. On the right and behind me untamed forest; intersecting stomped down trails randomly zigzag into its depth. To my left green wetlands and before me a large waterhole or ruther lake, ducks and waterlilies decorating the surface. I hear the wind play with countless leaves, […]


Monday 17 July 2006

After a few days of staying in different places around southport we finally managed to meet up with Carly and her partner Jesse on Wednesday. Since then we have been driving around a bit, went shopping (without actually buying much) and watched TV.
It was good to relax after lugging around our packs over all those […]


Tuesday 11 July 2006

Long time no news from me…sorry for that!
I left Melbourne over a week ago and used my free greyhound bus ticket (which I won through some Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games Backpacker site) to go via Coffsharbour to Brisbane. During my one day stopover in Coffs I asked around the marina for ships heading for the […]