Road trip through Victoria & my brother’s visit

My only brother Stefan arrived in Melbourne on Feb 10 en route his quick world trip after finishing his degree. Before Oz he spent a month jetting across the US, Canada, Fiji and New Zealand.
We rented a car together and went on a road trip for one week through Victoria, taking in the Great Ocean Road, the burnt-down Grampians and Goldrush town Bendigo. Back in Melbourne we celebrated the wedding of Amanda’s brother Brendan. Great day!
Tomorrow Stefan will move on to Sydney from where he will fly to Singapore on Friday.

Sorry, still no more photos from NZ and Oz in my gallery; I will need more than a very slow dial-up connection to work on that!

Here just a few from our roadtrip and Brendan’s wedding (click to enlarge):

Amanda and me rentalcar, me and camp
Stefan and me in the burnt forest Amanda and me @ wedding

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